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Best Grass For North Florida and Jacksonville FL.

Green Yard LLC in Jacksonville, Florida, has witnessed vast grass conditions. Warm weather grasses, so named because they are adapted to growing in warmer, wetter climates, are ideal for lawns in North Florida. Choose one of these grass types to seed or sod for the best results, and call us if you need any assistance with your Jacksonville SOD installation.

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season grass, so it maintains its color even as the weather warms. It could turn brown in the winter if there isn't any drought. Watering is necessary to maintain a green lawn during a drought until rains resume. St. Augustine can even withstand a light salt spray. St. Augustine grass lawns are the norm in Florida. It's the most common type of grass in Florida because it sets quickly from plugs, sprigs, or sod.

Originally from Asia, this warm-season grass has been successfully introduced to the United States. Because of its strong drought resilience, zoysia may thrive even in dry seasons. Zoysia holds up well to wear and may be used to provide a safe and fun backyard for kids.

Bahiagrass is not the grass for you if you want a dense, carpet-like lawn that requires a lot of upkeep. This is a viable alternative, though, if you like a low-maintenance grass with a reasonably open canopy that is resistant to insects and disease.

Centipedegrass is a very low-upkeep kind of grass for lawns. Mowing, weeding, and fertilizing are all simplified with this low-maintenance grass. It can additionally adapt to shaded areas.

Centipedegrass, however, grows slowly and dies off when exposed to foot activity or salt. Avoid overfertilizing it to create a deeper green hue; doing so will lead to thatch and contribute to the demise of centipedegrass.

Golf courses, sports fields, and parks are not the only places you'll find Bermuda grass; it's also a popular choice for lawns. If you're searching for an affordable choice for sod installation, Bermuda grass is available from a wide variety of sod suppliers. This tough grass is ideal for our subtropical environment here in northern Florida since it can handle heavy foot traffic, it is drought-resistant, and it grows well in warm conditions.

Shade Tolerant Sod Jacksonville Fl

True shade tolerance is a trait typically highly desired by Florida homeowners looking to purchase sod for their lawns. Growing grass in the shadow is simple if the right grass is chosen. When choosing grass for a Florida lawn, it's important to consider how well it tolerates shade and performs in other ways.

As a top SOD Installation Company Using The Best Grass For Your Lawn In Jacksonville FL, we offer great communication, superior pricing, and installation services provided by qualified experts. Call our Green Yard LLC staff for more information at (904) 300-2460.

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