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Bahia Sod In Jacksonville Fl

Bahia grass thrives in the Jacksonville Florida's climate because it can withstand high temperatures without wilting. This makes it a wonderful choice for those who enjoy spending time in the fresh air on the grass.

Bahia Grass History.

While it was first discovered in Brazil, Bahia grass quickly found its way to the United States. Its use as a southern turf grass in lawns in the south and southeast grew once it became popular for cattle production in pastures. If you need sod for a Florida garden, this strong and simple-to-grow grass is an excellent choice.

Why Pick Bahia Grass For Your Jacksonville FL Lawn.

Bahia is a versatile grass that has recently gained favor owing to its capacity to withstand dry conditions. Its deep root structure gives it more drought resistance than most St. Augustine grasses. In addition to being low-maintenance compared to other warm-season grasses, it thrives on barren, sandy soil without regular fertilizer use. Moreover, Bahia seldom holds disease or insect problems, unlike many other St. Augustine kinds, which are subject to fungal infections and are concerned with chinch bugs and other pests.

The roots of bahiagrass spread far and deep. It performs well in sandy, low-nutrient soils and does not demand frequent watering or fertilization. This makes it a viable option for places with absent irrigation infrastructure, such as big lots or acres of land. It's important to remember that bahiagrass will turn brown and go into a drought-induced slumber if the drought lasts for a lengthy period of time.

Those who don't have irrigation or can't afford to install it generally turn to Argentine Bahia sod for their lawns. Bahia grass is best grown and maintained with "as-needed" watering after the grass has reached maturity. As you notice the leaf blades folding inward, wilting, or changing color, it's time to water. Footprints that may be seen in the grass long after someone has walked are another warning indicator.

The mowing frequency for Bahia grass is low, needing attention around once every two weeks. Remember that the more frequently you mow Bahia, the deeper and more noticeable its root systems will get, so aim for a height of 3-4 inches.

As a top Bahia Grass Jacksonville FL SOD Installation Services provider, we offer great communication, superior pricing, and installation services provided by qualified experts. Call our Green Yard LLC staff for more information at (904) 300-2460.

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