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Centipede Sod Jacksonville FL

Around 1916, people brought centipedegrass over from Southeast Asia. It is the most popular type of lawn grass in the Florida Panhandle because it thrives in the region's climate and soil.

When compared to other Jacksonville Florida lawn grasses, centipedegrass grows slowly and needs less fertilizer. Centipedegrass is a lighter shade of green than other lawn grasses and has a medium texture.

Why Centipede Sod For My Jacksonville Lawn?

Centipedegrass, often known as "poor man's grass" or Chinese lawngrass, is a low-maintenance grass that thrives in the South and Hawaii's warm climate. This heat-loving grass originates in China, although its distribution extends further north into the cooler region of the warm-season grass zone than St. Augustine. Another feather in its low-maintenance is its resistance to illness and insects, a boon for people who live in the hot Southern region where it is most useful.

Pros And Cons Of Centipedegrass.

Want to know if centipedegrass is right for you? Study its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Because of its moderate growth rate, it requires mowing less frequently.

  • Reduced fertilizer needs

  • Can survive under poor soil conditions

  • Plant from cuttings, sprigs, seeds, or sod

  • The stoloniferous, dense growth habit smothers weeds.

  • Very pest- and disease-resistant

  • As it spreads by stolons rather than rhizomes, it won't do any damage to your flower beds.

  • Not a good choice for climates with freezing winters

  • Better than Bermuda but less excellent than Zoysia or St. Augustine in partial shade.

  • Less available chemical methods of weed suppression

  • Thatch builds up if fertilized too heavily.

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