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Zoysia Sod In Jacksonville FL.

Zoysia is a hardy grass with a soft feel. It has a beautiful dark green color, can survive in dry conditions, and lasts longer than other grasses. It is a very pretty turf grass that can be used in homes and businesses. Once established, it can survive drought because of how its genes are made. It grows slowly and doesn't get chinch bugs because of how it's made. Zoysia will turn brown when it's cold, but it will go back to being green in the spring.

Zoysia makes a fine-textured lawn that feels soft and is good for any home. Also, the grass can turn a beautiful deep green color that will make your landscape stand out.

Best Time For Zoysia Sod In Jacksonville.

Zoysia grows best from April to July, which is early summer. Zoysia grass is a warm-season grass, which means it grows best when it's hot outside.

Will the Zoysia Grass Perform.

Turf breeders have made much progress on Zoysia in the past few years. Some changes are faster settling in process, resistance to insects, and better overall performance. Zoysia grasses have learned to grow in different kinds of soil and can handle foot traffic, shade, and salt. Zoysia grasses came to the United States from Asia and are now used in a large part of the country.

How to Care for a Zoysia Lawn In Jax.

For a new zoysia lawn, you should water it often enough to keep it moist for about two weeks or until the sod has grown roots. Don't overwater! When the new Zoysia has roots, you should mow it at the recommended height. When the plants have roots, you'll also need to feed them.

Zoysia can handle drought better than other grasses once it's fully grown, so you should only water it when it needs it. Normal watering rates are about one inch per week, but heat and sun evaporation mean you must water more in places with too much sun. To avoid diseases, you should water new Zoysia lawns in the early afternoon and established lawns in the early morning.

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