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St Augustine Floratam Sod In Jacksonville FL

St Augustine Floratam Sod in Jacksonville FL is a popular choice for both homes and businesses where the customer wants a simple lawn that is easy to care for. This type of St. Augustine grass is one of the most popular choices for Florida homeowners. Floratam grows well in various soil types and in full sun. Floratam is known for keeping plants from drying and standing up to drought.

Floratam sod is a dark green color and has rough blades that are soft enough to walk on. Floratam is a grass that grows quickly in the summer if it gets enough water and likes the sun and heat. St. Augustine grass is popular in Florida because it can withstand heat and humidity.

How Does Floratam Deal With The Cooler Jacksonville Months.

During the fall and winter, when it is cooler, this grass will grow more slowly and may even stop growing. In the spring, it will come back to life and grow very quickly. In order for Floratam to keep its color through the winter, it should be fertilized and watered regularly. Because grass grows quickly in the summer, it should be mowed once a week to keep it between three and four inches tall. Use blades that are always sharp to keep the grass from getting torn up. Dull blades can tear the grass instead of cutting it, making it more vulnerable to pests and diseases.

How Do You Care For Floratam Grass In Jacksonville Florida?

Floratam can handle drought very well, so your lawn will only need about an inch of water each week. Aim to water deeply each time to help the roots grow strong. If your soil doesn't have enough nitrogen, you can use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer every month or two during the growing season.

St Augustine Floratam Lawn Care And Taking Care Of The Yard

Floratam doesn't make seeds, so you'll need sod, plugs, or sprigs to start your lawn. Once it gets going, though, the grass can spread itself because its roots grow horizontally.

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